4 Fitness Trends Making Waves

2022 is flying by, but it is definitely not too late to get fit and try out some of the hot fitness trends making waves this year. From DIY fitness to HIIT, this year is seeing more and more people getting fit in new ways.

Here are our top four fitness trends in 2022:

4. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT has already become a favourite amongst gym fans in the past few years, but 2022 is showing that there is no stopping this intense exercise regime.

The general rule of High Intensity Interval Training is exercise rounds of 30 minutes or less, going from to walking to high energy exercise and more. While this quick high energy form of exercise is great for blasting fat, a downside is the higher possibility of injury.

But if you join an excellent gym, with great instructors injuries will be avoided and fat will be gone!

3. Smart Training

Smart trackers may seem old news already, but the love for tracking our own fitness progress is not dying this year! With the many affordable smart tracking options now available, many more people will take up this trend this year, making fitness tracking entirely mainstream.

The trend for smart tracking fitness in 2022 is also moving on from smart watches to numerous other smart devices. Brands are investing big in tech this year, to stay ahead and get those loyal clients.

Everything is smart these days,so think smarter and use those online options!

2. Online Coaching

2022 is a busy year, and you are a busy person and getting to the gym is sometimes a little bit to hard to accomplish. Exercise apps are making a huge impact and many people pick this route instead of hitting the gym. But if you would like a personal trainer (it makes a huge difference to fitness) the big trend for 2022 is joining a gym class via video.

The aim video gym class is to skype your gym class, and get the personal trainer and gym class feel. This means you do not even have to leave your own home – you can shower at home and not get naked in front of strangers.

The great benefits of this are being able to exercise with attention from a trainer but avoiding some of the common excuses used for skipping gym (traffic is bad, classes don’t fir in your schedule, people are there etc)

These video gym classes not only are great because you are in your own home, you can have an instructor in your local gym or an instructor half way across the globe.

1. DIY Fitness

Okay, so people have been exercises for centuries by themselves without the use of a gym, but with the knowledge we have gained about health and fitness in the last century DIY fitness can actually make a great impact on your health.

Whether you download an app that offers you training options, or you have a trainer supply you a workout schedule, exercises on your own is growing trend in 2022.

Some of the most popular DIY exercise searches are things like 7 minute workouts, these quick exercises will not get you a six pack but they can get you healthy.

Think bigger than 7 minutes and incorporate other health trends like Smart Training and you can make a huge impact on your health all by yourself.