An Introduction to Placing Football Bets Using Mobile

Placing Football Bets Using Mobile

American football is big business – not just for NFL players, coaches and owners but also for those who regularly cash in winning bets on the pigskin. In fact, roughly 200 million people from all over the world place bets each year… And that’s just on the Super Bowl.

The reason why America’s favourite sport is accessible to such a staggering number of punters is that people can now make their wagers online. In fact, die-hard fans no longer have to miss a second of the season thanks to mobile American football betting.

Now bettors can keep track of their favourite teams and players, monitor odds, place bets, find out about field and weather conditions, make deposits and withdrawals, and more, no matter where they are in the world. All you need is your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection to have top-notch mobile American football betting at your fingertips.

Choose from Hundreds of Games Each Season

On its own, the six-month NFL season features 32 teams and hundreds of games leading up to the Super Bowl. Then there’s college, high school and youth football, with over 1 million high school and 70 000 college students playing the sport across the United States.

With that many games available for you to wager on via mobile American football betting, it’s bound to be a thrilling season. Plus you can keep the itch scratched in the off-season by focusing on futures bets or even props bets regarding drafts, trades and other developments in the coming season.

Work with a Mobile American Football Betting Strategy

Mobile American football betting is ideal for savvy punters who like to stay informed because it places all the information you need at your fingertips. With a good mobile American football betting site, you’ll be able to navigate effortlessly between all the relevant pages, including a list of the games in progress and their current status, betting options on offer, the latest stats plus field and weather conditions, deposit and withdrawal services, and even expert mobile American football betting advice.

Mobile American Football Betting Strategy

Keep Your Betting Options Wide Open

Like knowing more about how online pokies lines work is an exciting option for some casino fans, futures and props bets are just some of the exciting alternatives open to you when you choose betting.

The most popular and simplest mobile American football betting option is the head-to-head bet, by which you select a team to win a particular game. Futures bets involve betting on games long in advance and are often focused on the winners of the entire season or conference, although you can also weigh in on these closer to the time.

For something a little more complex, you can try line betting, which takes points handicaps and/or head-starts into consideration. So this kind of mobile American football betting requires your chosen team to win by a minimum number of points in order for your wager to pay out.

The number of the props bets available is huge and can include player- and team-specific predictions such as putting your money on Player X to score the first touchdown or Team Y to score first. Props bets make great side bets in mobile American football betting because they are independent of the ultimate outcome of the game so you could win there even if you lose on the main event.

For a truly exhilarating experience, you can even try live mobile American football betting, which allows you to place wagers while the game is in progress, with odds constantly fluctuating as the excitement unfolds.