Attraction Online Slot Explained to Players

Attraction Online Slot Explained

From the game developer NetEnt, Attraction slots are a game based on electricity and electromagnets. Players are taken on a journey into a deep underground lab which has remained a secret from the world. In the lab, electricity has gone wild. The main character of the game is a magnet.

Magnetic Attraction

Attraction slots works in a similar way to many other slots games, obviously with slight differences based on the theme of the game. During every spin of the reels, a magnet will appear on the screen in a random position, typically on the outside edge of the game. The location of the magnet will be shown by a bolt of lightning. During the game, immediately subsequent to an electric shock, a ball of electricity will shoot out of the wild and go towards the magnet symbol. This will result in a transformation of all the symbols in its path into some of the Sticky Wild symbols that form part of the game.

The graphics are vivid and on a similar level to most other modern online slots games. The developers have included sound effects that match up with the overall theme of the slots game.

Fundamentals of Attraction Slots

Attractions slots is a 5 reel game, with 10 pay lines. This game does include a scatter symbol, as well as multipliers which players are able to get access to during the game. There are no bonus games available.

Players are able to select the coin value before spinning the reels. In Attraction slots, the minimum coin value is 0.01, while the maximum coin value is 1. Players can bet a maximum of 10 coins per line, and a minimum of 1 coin per line. The maximum jackpot payout is set at 50,000 coins.

The basics of the game are fairly straightforward and game play is simple. If a wild symbol appears in the reel or in the row that the magnet symbol is pointing to, players get a re-spin, but importantly, all of the wilds will be locked into place for the duration and will increase the chances of a winning combination.

The game does not include any other bonuses, like free spins, pickā€™em bonuses, or any other type of bonus and sticks to the very straightforward principles made popular by classic slots.

Attraction Online Casino Slot

AutoPlay Feature

As in many Paysafecard slots at, the game includes an autoplay option. All a player needs to do is press the autoplay button, and the slots game will keep spinning the reels without requiring any player intervention.

As with many other online slots games, a Max Bet button is also provided, which allows players to automatically place a maximum bet for their next spin. By selecting the maxbet option the largest possible jackpot can be won at any time.

Winning Potential

Attraction online slots are medium variance and players can expect to claim regular payouts. A good run could see players win every 4 or so spins and the re-spin and sticky wilds add extra value to the games payout potential.