Play Free Bingo Online With Friends and Family

There are times when all you feel like doing is sitting back, relaxing and playing some free bingo online. But what games are available to you, how do you know you are playing in the right place and what choices are on offer? Let’s cover these today and help you uncover the best places to play free bingo online.

Finding the best place to play is not as simple and grabbing the first free bingo online that you find. Some online bingo halls have different games and others only offer one type of game. Some offer only real money play while others offer the option to play free online bingo as much as you want. The trick is to read the website details, check out a few sites and try a few games, they are after all free to try, so why not spend a little time familiarising yourself with the different games available to you?

Sign Up and Create an Account

If you have played online slots at an online casino before, then you may be familiar with the process as it is pretty much identical. If not then read on. Free Bingo Online is just an option, most online bingo halls will offer both real money and free options to their players. So looking for free bingo online is not about finding the free games, it’s about finding the right online bingo for you.

Find a bingo hall that suits your needs and the chances are it has the option to play for free as long as you want without ever having to commit to playing for real money unless you choose to. These online bingo halls, be they free or not will often offer different types of bingo games to choose from or specialise in one specific type.

Types of Free Online Bingo

The three most common free online bingo games are very similar if not outright the same as the bingo halls you find in real life, although you might find that there is more choice online than there is in the brick and mortar halls.

Each game type is divided up by two different aspects – number of balls and wager amount. First step is to choose the game, there are generally three free online bingo games at most online establishments.

The first is 90 Ball Bingo. This game’s card holds a total of 15 numbers over three rows and offers prizes or winnings in the way of 1 line, 2 lines and a full house.

The second is 80 Ball Bingo. This game’s card offers up 16 numbers in a square and comes with multiple winning lines and prizes.

The last is 75 Ball Bingo. This option has a card with 24 numbers in total and a star in the centre. Prizes and winnings are doled out for lines and patterns dependant on the game you are playing.

But before you begin playing your free online bingo, you need to choose the amount you want to wager in your game. After all this is about winning money, even if it is free. So choose from high stakes games or low stakes games and see if you are lucky enough to be a winner online.