An Exceptional Review of Lucky Leprechaun Online Slot

Lucky Leprechaun Casino Slot

The name of this game is Lucky Leprechaun and as this title suggests the theme on the reels here is based on that ever tricky trait to lockdown, that of luck. Pretty apt for such a game based on chance as it is, this Microgaming slot theme is rather well presented in this game. The graphics aren’t amazing but are certainly good enough to make the reels and atmosphere feel a fair bit immersive during gameplay. The next aspect of the game that this slot has accentuated on the reels is the vibrant colour scheme and imagery appearing on the reels, which cements the theme of this game firmly within the parameters of what has become considered as representations of the incarnation of that aforementioned trait called luck.

This Lucky Leprechaun slot has 5 reels and 20 pay lines at its core functionality, meaning that the generalised gameplay is fairly standard and therefore easily interpreted. Additional to this there are the usual Microgaming wide ranging betting options, which is intended to allow as wide a spectrum of player to be able to experience this slot at the betting level they prefer. The bonuses on the reels of this luck centred game include Wilds, free spins and a themed bonus game waiting to be triggered by finding that magical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Thematic Aspects and Symbols Involved

From the theme’s stand point the delivery on the reels of this Lucky Leprechaun slot game check the majority of the required boxes, whilst also ideally setting it up to highlight and accentuate the better aspects of the gameplay. This is done through some deliberate and non-intrusive sound effects, a rather subtle but friendly backdrop to the reels and otherwise the aforementioned bright colours and graphics that such a theme tends to require. Overall all though the setup of this slot seems to suggest a more gameplay focused agenda, which is one perhaps a good portion of the players will be able to get behind. Players can try out this slot on the internet using their computer or handheld device like AU punters placing wagers in cricket betting.

As for the appearance on the reels of this slot game, the imagery employed is that same colourful work put into the overall theme of the game. The symbols themselves are perhaps rather clichéd, though given such a prominent theme choice this can hardly be avoided. These include a smoking pipe, a fiddle, some stout and even a colourful green leprechaun. This does make the slot have a more Irish themed feel to it, but in the case of these reels the effect is much the same as that of a theme of luck.

Review of Lucky Leprechaun Online Slot

Irish Styled Bonus Features of this Slot

The Wild symbol of Lucky Leprechaun slot is the game’s logo and can substitute for other symbols on the reels and also appear stacked for additional wins. The four leaf clover symbol is what triggers this slot’s free spins feature, simply by landing this symbol on the 5th reel players will be awarded 5 free spins along with a 2 times multiplier. During this feature more multipliers and free spins can be won.

The bonus game of this Lucky Leprechaun slot is triggered when 3 or more of the pot of gold symbols land on the reels. This rewards free spins that the players can use to progress along a trail and aim to reach the 1000 times total stake bonus waiting at the end.