Creepy Slots Action With Voodoo Vibes

Voodoo is a hybrid religious cult that began when African slaves in the West Indies began syncretising traditional African animist beliefs with Christian mythology, resulting in a transferral of traditional ancestor-worship to the veneration of Christian saints, adapted to voodoo personas. Many outsiders still see the cult as a hotbed of superstition and sacrifice, however, which is a perception the slots game Voodoo Vibes plays to the hilt.

Against a swamp background and a sinister cabin with nameless potions hanging round the door, with the eyes of unseen creatures glowing in the darkness, the Voodoo Vibes reels hang in an ornate frame carved with skulls. Torches flare as the five reels spin; developer NetEnt has designed the look and feel of this digital slots game to be as creepy as possible.

Voodoo Vibes has four bet-per-line levels and 100 bet lines, so players have a large range of betting options to suit every budget. Appropriately macabre music and sound effects accompany the action and celebrate the wins, with a constant background of cricket chirps, frog croaks and other nameless but spine-tingling night sounds coming from the swamp.

All Symbols are Theme-Related

Voodoo Vibes has abandoned the poker symbols common to so many real money slots in favour of applying the voodoo theme throughout the game, meaning that the reels are always a riot of colour and details, even if the individual icons are a little ghoulish.

Low-value icons are represented by four voodoo symbols, including hearts, crosses and other geometric shapes. These pay from as little as 2 coins for three of a kind, up to 100 coins for five of a kind. The higher-value symbols are all items or characters that feature in the cult; a potion, a chicken, a voodoo priestess and a candle-bearing skull. Three potions score the lowest of these symbols: 10 coins.

The top score is won by five skulls on one bet line, which will net 500 coins. Wins are accompanied by another burst of voodoo sound effects. There is also a Bonus icon, a grim-looking voodoo doll. 3, 4 or 5 dolls will trigger a varying number of bonus games.

Creepy Wild and Scatter Symbols

Baron Saturday, the famous skull-faced voodoo god, serves as the Voodoo Vibes Wild, and it can substitute for any symbol to create a winning bet line apart from the Scatter and Bonus symbols. Baron Saturday’s appearance on a winning line is accompanied by his sinister laugh.

A deadly snake is the Voodoo Vibes Scatter Symbol, and in combos of two or more, it wins multiples of the total bet on the spin, ranging from 2X (two Scatters) to 100X (five Scatters). In addition, three, four or five Scatters will all trigger an extra 10 free spins as well as the multiplier. Wins in these free spins are tripled. Despite its dark theme, Voodoo Vibes still manages to look colourful and inviting, and players who strike it lucky during the bonus features stand to win some substantial amounts.