Double Buffalo Spirit Slot Review

Double Buffalo Spirit slot is a Wild West themed game centred on the iconic buffalo, also known as the American bison, which roamed the prairies of North America in great herds until the 19th century.

Within Native American tribe, the American buffalo is thought of as a very sacred and even religious animal. They are often incorporated in stories of creation among the Plains Indians and served an everyday function of providing food, materials for clothing, materials for making shelter, tools, weapons, shields and were even utilised for sewing.

It is used in the Double Buffalo Spirit slot as a wild symbol, the golden buffalo, and a normal symbol on the game reel.

Art Style and Setting

The art style in Double Buffalo Spirit slot is centred on the old west. The game background is a desolate desert at dusk. The sun is setting and bright oranges, yellows, and reds are fading into blues, purples and blacks of the evening sky. A border of worn and cracked wood, which has been lashed together with rope, surrounds the reels. Two cow skulls adorn the top of each side of the playing area with Native American dream catchers hanging off of the horns.  These dream catchers have willow hoops and are decorated with scared feathers and beads.

The bright colours of the sunset and reel symbols are a stark contrast to the desert in which this game is set. It’s the perfect embodiment of the Wild West and an excellent setting for Double Buffalo Spirit slot.

Reel Symbols and Bonus Free Spins

The reel symbols for this game include several animals one would find in the desert setting of the old west. These include a golden hawk that has been illustrated with striking purple wing highlights. Another animal symbol is a green lizard set against a green woven tapestry background. The third reel symbol is a prairie dog standing alert against a blue tapestry background. The final two animal symbols, which are very appropriate given the name of the game, are two buffalo. The dark purple buffalo is set against a rising sun and desert landscape. The golden buffalo is set against a rising moon and starry sky.

There are also traditional letter and number symbols. These include a purple eight, green nine, red ten, blue jack, yellow queen, orange king and purple ace. The scatter bonus symbol is a Native American totem with a cow skull nailed to it.

The Golden Buffalo symbol serves as a wild and can be used as a substitute for any other symbol barring the bonus symbol. This wild only appears on reel number two, three and four.

The player can win free spins if they get three, four or five scattered bonus symbols. Three will give the player eight free spins at the Crazy Luck casino. Four will give the player fifteen free spins, and five will give the player twenty free spins. If the player gets another two, three or five scattered bonus during this free spin bonus, they will be awarded an extra five, eight, fifteen or twenty free spins.

There are 1024 ways to win with Double Buffalo Spirit slot, and the Free Spin Bonus is guaranteed to pay 10 times the total bet.