Spinning 7’s Slot Basics for You in Detail

Distributed by Novomatic, Spinning 7’s is a video slot with five reels, 20 paylines, and several bonus and optional features. It has a classic theme, which includes an interface and reel symbols designed to look like a land-based slot machine.

In terms of look and feel, the theme remains popular among players precisely because it is familiar. However, the game’s various special features make for more complex gameplay than is found in classic online slots with three reels.

Spinning 7’s Betting

With fixed paylines, the only betting options available in Spinning 7’s are the number of credits to bet per payline. The five options available are 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 credits per line.

The bets are placed by selecting the option button on the interface, for instance, this similar option might have been tried out by you at any one of the sites mentioned here. The red Spin button spins the reels, while the Auto Spin button and the two arrow buttons are used to get the online casino slot to play itself.

Spinning 7’s Reel Symbols

The symbols on the reels of Spinning 7’s are shown in bold, clear graphics. Payouts, the amounts of which vary according to symbol, are won when the required number of matching symbols line up on a payline.

The reel symbols include plums, lemons, cherries, watermelons, single bars, double bars, triple bars, red sevens, triple sevens, a silver and blue Bonus Scatter, and a gold bell.

The triple seven symbol makes significant payouts, the red seven has a special function, the Bonus Scatter can activate free spins, and the gold bell is Wild.

Red Seven Symbol

The red seven on the Spinning 7’s reels behaves very differently to most of the other symbols. When it lands on the reels, the symbol will start spinning, and eventually change into one of the other reel symbols.

The only symbols it cannot change into are the Wild and Bonus Scatter symbols.

Once it has changed, any other red sevens on the reels will change into the same symbol, which could create more combinations that pay. The red seven can also appear stacked on the reels.

Gold Bell Wild Symbol

The Spinning 7’s Wild symbol, like the red seven, can turn into other symbols. However, other gold bells on the reels won’t change into that same symbol.

Instead, each Wild can substitute for other reel symbols, which means it can help other symbols form combinations that win. The Wild won’t substitute for the Scatter or red seven symbols.

Bonus Scatter Symbol

The number of free spins received in the Spinning 7’s free spins round depends on the number of silver and blue Bonus Scatter symbols that activated the round.

The Bonus Scatters do not need to appear in a row on one payline to activate the spins; they can do it from any position on the reels. 15 free spins are activated by three symbols, 20 free spins are activated by four symbols, and 30 free spins are activated by five symbols.

A bonus multiplier reel on the far left of the reels becomes active during the free spins round. The reel determines the multiplier to be applied to each of the free spins.

Streak Breaker Feature

When the Spinning 7’s optional Streak Breaker feature is activated, all bets placed on the reels cost a bit more. Every time a spin doesn’t land any winning combinations, a gold coin appears on the right side of the reels.

If five spins in a row do not land any winning combinations, the Streak Breaker feature will pay out a random number of credits.