What A Hoot Online Slot Reviewed for Players of Real Money Casinos

What a Hoot is a video slots game brought to the gaming world by Microgaming. The game has five reels and nine pay lines and offers various playing and animation features, such as state-of-the-art graphics, lively animations, sound effects, and enhanced playing features.

The game itself draws on a theme of owls, and features various owls as well as other symbols, such as trees, jars, fruits, seeds, and the What a Hoot logo. Some of the owl characters include Hoot, Alfred, Charlie, Darryl, and Barney, while some of the fruits, nuts, and seeds include mixed berries, apples, sunflowers, acorns, and chestnuts. Each of these will result in a winning combination when appearing on an active pay line, and the exact payout will be determined by the symbol and may be previewed in the game’s pay table.

Playing What a Hoot

What a Hoot has a maximum jackpot of five thousand coins on a one coin per line per spin win. The game only allows players to play one coin per line, but it does allow players to choose various coin denominations, ranging from 0.25 to 5.00. The maximum jackpot of five thousand coins is won when players land five of the logo symbols on any active pay line.

Players can choose their respective coin denominations and active pay lines, and then they can either choose to manually play the game by hitting the spin button each time or they can choose to activate the auto play feature after creating account at online casinos. In this feature, the players will pre-set a certain coin denomination and active pay lines, and then also select how many spins they would like to play. Once this has been selected, the game’s software will automatically run through the determined number of spins, though players may choose to stop at any time.

The What a Hoot Bonus Game

Microgaming’s What a Hoot is one of their more simple and straightforward games, and while it does offer rather large jackpot wins and a high payout percentage, it does not feature a bonus game, nor does it provide for the possibility of any free spins rounds. What a Hoot is a simple no-fuss game that is purely about the spins and landing winning combinations.

The What a Hoot Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in What a Hoot is represented by the tree icon. The wild tree symbol may be used to substitute any of the other symbols to complete winning combinations or create the best possible winning combination. The only symbol that may not be substituted by the wild tree symbol is the scatter jar symbol.

The What a Hoot Scatter Symbol

The What a Hoot scatter symbol is represented by the icon of the jar. The scatter jar symbol results in additional wins. If two or more of the scatter jar symbols land anywhere on the reels, this will result in an immediate additional pay out. Furthermore, landing five of the scatter jar symbols will reward players with a fifty coin win.