A Brief Overview of Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are special jackpots designed for casino games, usually machine types like video poker or slot games but various table games like poker variants and blackjack have been known to offer this type of jackpot too. The jackpot amount increases in size constantly as the game is played. Small percentages of all the bets placed will be collected and accumulated and put in a kitty which will eventually be won by one lucky player.

Once the jackpot is won it will then reset to the minimum amount where it will begin to grow again. The percentage taken from each bet is set by the specific online casino for the specific game but most casinos will contribute their own percentage to Progressive Jackpots as even though they are popular they aren’t as widespread as fixed jackpot games. The casinos contribution may also help the jackpot’s display, which is visible on the game’s screen, to increase and look more promising to players. Many casinos allow games to be played in different currencies which the jackpot amount in turn is paid out in the specific currency. The percentage bet is however taken as a fixed denomination.

Different Types of Progressive Slots

The most popular types of casino games to offer this type of jackpot are progressive slot games. Progressive Jackpots are well known in both land based casinos and online casinos as being enticing attractions for progressive slots. The first ever type of progressive slot was the standalone, which would collect small percentage of bets placed only on the specific machine.

The pay out would generally be quite small in relation to the millions that Progressive Jackpots are now. Another type is local progressive slots which are linked between games only found in one specific casino. These are still quite popular and offer better pay outs than the standalone progressive slot. Today the wide area network jackpot is the most popular and links games from around the world. With millions of players placing bets on these associated casino games, the jackpot amount becomes an astronomical amount of over a million or more.

Progressive online casino games are quite popular and some of the best casino software developers like Microgaming, IGT and Playtech have a large array of colourful and unique online progressive slots and other casino games which offer huge jackpots that are ever increasing.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

There is no real strategy involved when it comes to winning any Progressive Jackpots, it is merely the case of the luck of the draw. No matter how high the jackpot amount gets it will not pay out for that reason alone as there is no maximum limit. The only thing one can do to increase the chances of winning is placing the maximum bet amounts on the progressive games. This is due to the fact that many Progressive Jackpots require a certain combination of symbols to land on a pay line or perhaps a royal flush poker hand and so on. Games with these requirements need the maximum bet to be placed in order to qualify.