Earn the Treasure of the Dragons Fortune

One of the biggest benefits of playing slot games online is having access to a wide range of games in every shape and form. If you are familiar with slots, you will know that every slot game is unique and offers something different. Classic slots often have three reels with up to 5 paylines while modern video slots have 5 reels with up to 1000 paylines. Online casinos also offer a range of arcade style slot games that are more simple but also offer huge payouts. One of the more popular arcade slot is Dragons Fortune. In the nots below we are going to take a look at how the game works and how much you can win online.

A High Paying Arcade Slot

As opposed to regular slots, arcade style games come in many different variations. The games themselves can be extremely simple or somewhat complex. What remains the same in each is the ability to win huge sums of money with just a single push of the button. Dragons Fortune is a high quality online arcade slot that is powered by Microgaming. The game has an oriental theme with a focus on the dragon. In the Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of luck and prosperity. This bodes well for players who log on and give the game a try.

The Game Setup

The Dragons Fortune online slot game has very few moving parts. As an arcade type game, the mechanics of the game are fairly simple. Essentially the game is a two dimensional slot with a single piece of motion when the play button is pushed. The backdrop to the slot is a beautiful sunset scene overlooking the palm forests with a large mountain in the background. The dragon himself sits to the right of the reels and belches out pearls when the play button is pushed. On the left hand side of the screen is the tower of pearls depicting the paytable.

The Game Controls

The Dragons Fortune slot has only a few buttons that control the game. Situated at the bottom of the screen, the main buttons include the play button and the bet buttons. Players can increase or decrease the bet by clicking on the up or down arrows. The game begins with the placing their bet sake. To start the NZ pokies online game, the player simply pushes the play button and the dragon starts spitting out pearls. The game can be compared to a type of bingo game in that a win dependent on matching up certain pearls.

Pearl Bet Multipliers

In Dragons Fortune, there are a total of 8 pearls with each one offering a different bet multiplier. When the play button is pushed the dragon will belch out 6 random pearls. Matching two pearls will result in a win. The lowest paying pearl is the yellow paying a 2x bet multiplier. This is followed by the brown paying 5x, the pink paying 10x, the purple paying 100x, the red paying 250x and the green paying 1000x. The second highest paying pearl is the blue pearl paying out a 10 000x your bet stake. The highest in the game is the orange pearl. The orange pear will win a bet multiplier of an incredible 20 000x.