Everyone is Winning in a Food Fight!

Food Fight is a slot title from Real Time Gaming with its theme neatly summed up in the title. Against a chequered red-and-white diner tablecloth, the game’s five reels all contain the sorts of messy food that makes great ammunition in a food fight. The numbers denoting Food Fight’s 9 pay lines are printed on colourful plates ranged down the side of the reels.

Food Fight allows players to adjust the coin denomination in six increments from 0.01 to 5.00, and the player can bet any number between 1 and 5 coins per line. They can also play any number of pay lines from 1 to 9, so the game’s settings are adjustable according to player budgets.

Remember Progressive Jackpot when Setting Bets

The game has a progressive jackpot that is only available to player playing 5 coins per line, however, and it is dependent on all symbols being on the same pay line. So it make sense to engage all 9 pay lines and play 5 coins on every spin, if players want to give themselves a better chance of hitting the progressive jackpot, even if this means lowering the coin denomination to fit the budget.

Plenty of Food Fight Ammunition Around

No poker symbols are used in Food Fight; the title has more than enough squishy food items to turn into colourful 3D game icons. The prizes given here in coins, which must of course be multiplied by the coin denomination to calculate the total prize, are all based on a bet of 5 coins per line. The lowest win is for three hamburgers; namely, 10 coins. Five hamburgers will win 425 coins.

The prizes increase in value with each successive icon. Next is an overripe tomato, then a gooey slice of pizza. The higher-value icons are a dripping slice of fruit pie, a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, and a large bowl of chocolate pudding. The spaghetti and the chocolate pudding win prizes for just two matches: 20 or 50 coins, respectively.

For five of a kind, the pudding wins 1,000 coins if the player is betting only 1 coin per spin, 2,000 coins for a 2-coin bet, 3,000 coins for a 3-coin bet, and 4,000 coins for a 4-coin bet. If the player is betting the maximum 5 coins per spin, of course, five puddings will scoop the progressive jackpot. The slot is available on internet with a wealth of other real money Australian slots.

Two Bonus Features to Activate

Unusually, Food Fight has no Wild symbol. However, it makes up for this by offering two bonus features, each of them triggered by unique Scatter combos. The Ice Cream Scatter arrives as three disassembled parts: a cone, a scoop of strawberry ice cream, and a cherry, chocolate and sprinkles topping. They can be anywhere on the reels, but the player must get all three ingredients in one spin to combine them all into the Ice Cream Bonus; a mystery amount that can be as much as 405 coins.

The Food Fight Bonus Round is triggered in the same way, although this Scatter is a disassembled fruit pie, with the lemon curd base, meringue topping and strawberry garnish all arriving as separate icons. When all three come up, they assemble into a pie and the Food Fight Bonus starts on a new screen. The player is given a choice of foods and victims, and must attempt to hit them in the Food Fight to rack up bonus credits. When the player misses a target, the round ends, but players can win up to 3,960 coins in this round.