Reviewing IGT’s The Masques Of San Marco Online Slot

Masques Of San Marco is an online slots nz title released by IGT. This title features six reels and 40 pay lines split into two halves. This unique lay out is Masques of San Marco’s dual play feature. The Six reels are laid out in a 6 x 6 grid. Players can activate one of the 40 pay lines with the in game coin currency. These coins can be adjusted in value, starting at £0.01 per coins. Masques Of San Marco has an average Return To Player of 95.27%.

The Masques Of San Marco Collapsing Reels

Masques Of San Marque essential gives players a free spin with every winning combination. When an activated pay line pays out its winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear from the reels. The symbols above these winning symbols now fall down to fill the empty spaces left on the reels. These collapsing reels can potentially trigger another winning combination.

The Masques Of San Marco Pay Symbols

The Masques Of San Marco feature beautifully stylized pay symbols on the reels. They are themed to the masks and festival of San Marco. All symbols require at least three matching symbols lined up from left to right on an active pay line. The Sun, Moon and Star symbols are the lower valued symbols. They offer a pay out of between 6 and 100 coins. The higher valued symbols are made up of 4 masques. The green masque symbol is worth 20 to 300 coins. The blue masque is worth between 30 and 500 coins. The red masque is worth between 50 to a 100 coins. The highest valued symbol is the Masques of San Marco symbol. This symbol pays out 100 coins for three matching symbols, 500 coins for four matching symbols and 5000 coins for five matching symbols.

The Masques Of San Marco Free Spins Feature

The free spins bonus round in Masques Of San Marco is triggered by landing three or more of the Bonus symbols on an active pay line. Then this feature triggers, twenty more pay lines appear between the top and bottom half of the reels. These additional reels allow for big wins when the collapsing reels feature begins to trigger. The Free Spins feature awards the player six free spins.

The Festival of San Marco

Saint Mark’s Day is a festival celebrated in Venice. This festival is also known as the Rosebud festival due to the romantic story attached to the festival, along with the celebration of Saint Mark, who wrote the Christian gospel of Mark. Mark is also the patron saint of Venice, adding additional significance to the festival. Traditionally, on Saint Mark’s Day, men give a rosebud to the woman they love as a romantic gesture. This tradition originated in about the 8th Century. A Man of low social standing was said to have fell in love with a noble woman. He wanted to impress the noblewomen’s father and went to fight in a war in order to win acclaim and respect. He became wounded in battle and died before he could return home in glory. Before his death he managed to pluck a single rose and he entrusted his companion to return the rose to his loved one. The origins of the masques seem to refer to the removal of social standing and class since both rich and poor are hidden behind the masks.